Veronika Flow trail



Length: 2300 m

Difficulty: easy, suitable for beginners and children


Veronika trail is graded as easy, but do not let that fool you. It has some features that make it popular among the beginners as well as the more experienced riders. This trail is in its entirety machine built. The most interesting part of the trail is definitely the one called Veronika's mound. The trail is named Veronika after the story of Veronika of Desenice and Frederick II, Count of Celje.


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Spet doma (Home Again)


Length: 800 m

Difficulty: moderate


This is a shorter trail although you can be fooled into thinking it is longer when you ride it. Home again is a real specialty in our trail center due to its rugged terrain and the diversity of its features. Waiting for you are: berms, jumps, rollers … Home again, home alone, at home? What are they talking about? If you are curious as to where the name comes from, the local riders will be happy to share that with you.


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Length: 3000 m

Difficulty: moderate


This is the only trail that goes uphill. And it goes uphill only. No descent on this one. It is a climb to the highest point of our trail centre. From the top, there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area. With riding this switchback trail you overcome elevation of 220 meters. The name Friderik comes from Frederick II, Count of Celje, who built the castle “Fridrihštajn” for his beloved Veronika.


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Kanal (Gully)


Length: 850 m

Difficulty: hard


Kanal was one of the first trails in our neck of the woods. For the most part in follows the path of the gully and that is also where it got its name.



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Length: 1600 m

Difficulty: hard


This trail has quite a few wooden ladder bridges, made out of wooden slabs, and some rock gardens. All the material originates from local environment. It is entirely hand-made. One of the trail builders tried to transfer as many features as he could from a small town in British Columbia, where he lived for a few years. Which town was that, you say? It's all in the name of the trail.


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